How to start a weekend…

Well for starters I slept in, then I added a Mars Hill quick loop +1mi to my run. Nice *whew*

Then I had some awesome tamales @ Morning Glory +3 cups of coffee.

Then I went to Macy’s for a double house. Completely caffeinated and buzzing about so I biked around a bunch. It was warm enough to just wear a shirt and an unbuttoned buttonup.

Off to home to FINALLY figure out the opensprints software I’ve been wanting to get some time to look at. Finally works in OSX by using a lil serial to network piece of software! Now to get the hardware wrapped up and we’ll be good to go for “FlagSprints” or “MtnSprints” or whatever quirky name we end up giving it.

Next, I chuckled at my mail and filled out the online nielsen household TV survey. I also got a computer to scavenge data from it’s hard drive. Anyone have a USB enclosure for laptop hard drives and some tiny screws?

Now it’s off to Mark’s for a dinner party and hopefully some guitar herooooo…

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all twittered out pt2.

Well, I’ve installed Twitter Tools which now tweets my wordpress blog posts… let’s see what happens now…

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Understanding in the new year

The end of this past year was to be as per usual, but ended up being something completely different. Instead of staying in town and celebrating a glowing pinecone, or seeing everyone that left town come back for the holiday, I ended up going on a roadtrip with an old friend that I hadn’t seen or heard from in years. The general gist of the trip was to do whatever, in search of something different for the new year. We ended up heading towards New Orleans as part of the original plan. Case Miller and crazy bike adventures awaited. Both did not fail to deliver a wonderful time, as neither did the trip itself, nor the renewed amity. Here’s a lil video of the bike craziness:

New Orleans was much different than expected, a place with innumerable examples of dark and light. We were in & around the Bywater, between the French Quarter and 9th Ward. Things like the houses and people were amazing, but there were plenty of hints at the not so fun… like bulletin boards covered with rewards for information on murders and crimestopper fliers. It was really good to see how Case was doing down there. Oh, and the food… the southern food!

Overall, I have a renown interest in getting out and adventuring more. I have a warm place in my heart for enjoying time with others once again. I’ll definitely be making my way out around the world more this year.

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It’s been a while, eh?

Well, I been bike riding, washer & dryer buying, goldsprints preparing, turkey frying, and so much other stuffs lately…

Mikey came to visit from his new digs in Long Beach Ca., which was awesome! We fried turkey and did stupid bike tricks. It was a chill time, for sure. Got some video I need to dump down even…

I broke down and bought a washer and dryer on Black Friday (I know, how anti-anti-consumer is that!?!) but I finally got them installed the weekend afterward. Ah, finally have clean and DRY clothes.

Got all the parts for a goldsprints setup headed my way. It’s pretty much stationary bike “stock-car” racing, but usually with alot of drunk people drinking beer involved.

I also did alot of biking this weekend. It is very awesome to have people to ride with!

I need to get a pair of pants hemmed. *wanders off…*

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O snap. Cross race

This should get me out on the cross bike this weekend fo sho. Beer, bikes, but no smucking? WTF?!?!


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