Training and Chillin in SF

Woah, I was busy these past 2 weeks. Work sent me to the ISC’s BIND DNS training that was held in Redwood City the other week. Not only was the training incredible and thorough, but I also met some excellent folks in the industry. Afterwards I rolled up into the city for the weekend. I ran into a ton of old friends and had an excellent time. I ate TONS of seafood and bought some ridiculous clothes. The thing that made it one of the best trips ever was the fact that I brought my bike with me. I needed a new suitcase, and bike suitcases were pretty much just as cheap, so I gots me one of those. Biking in the Bay pretty much rules it. I’ll probably post more about the trip later, but here’s some photos from the trip…

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I broke down

…and got a Facebook account. My excuse was work related, but regardless, I’ve already “developed” a facebook application. Well, it’s just a rss feed displayer. It displays future events from the calendar, and lets you “share” the events with others. Overall, pretty chill to work with, and I have future plans for the app… mostly just to give the user the ability to add the event to their personal facebook calendar.

In other news (read as “bike news”) I’m pretty much done with parts on the bike and it’s ridiculous to say the least. The folks at Biff’s were checkin’ it out this morning and referred to it as the “Watermellon Bike.” I should probably get some pictures up soon. I am looking into a steel frame to replace the aluminum one, which means the green might go away sometime down the road. The Milwaukee Cream City Track frame looks hella chill. We’ll see…

I am stoked on my track standin’ abilities… as on my way home from Safeway this evening, I was able to hold it up for a double train crossing, even going no-handed for a bit as well. Chill 🙂 I should get to bed soon, I gotta get to work super early in the morning for updates to NAUauthZ. 😛

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20 hours

…is roughly about how much I worked this weekend. I got to see what happens when all of our production, dev, test, etc servers go down hard. Here’s what NAU said happened to the power on campus Saturday of move in weekend:

Construction equipment working on the University Union dining hall expansion struck a main power line on Saturday morning, causing a power outage on central campus and disrupting Internet and e-mail service campuswide.

The Fieldhouse opened for food service, and other locations are expanding their hours to accommodate students.

Buildings affected by the power outage were: Allen, Cowden , Gateway Student Success Center, Raymond, McDonald, Tinsley, Wilson, Information Technology Services and the University Union (the Union Fieldhouse has and will continue to have power).

These same buildings will lose power again sometime between 6 and 7 p.m. today while permanent power is restored. Expect Internet and e-mail disruption. The Fieldhouse will remain open for dining.

Some construction dude took a 2ft auger and blasted through the tunnel containing power and fiber to the Union. Even though there were hand dug holes showing where the pipe was. This power hit took out all of central campus, including my work, ITS. People weren’t called in enough time, so the server room lasted roughly 50 min on battery backup. We got in just in time to watch all the machines go down. Then we waited for an emergency power splice to be put into effect. From there we got critical machines back up, made sure DB’s and disks weren’t corrupt, and shut down all non critical machines. Then the power was taken down around 7:20pm Sat to put in a real fix for power. When power came back up, it blew a circut, thus putting power back down for another hour or so. When power came back up, we made sure all critical services were running, and were told to wait since a real fix would be put into place on Sunday.

Sunday, power wend down at the scheduled time, for roughly an hour. Once back up, we got all services, including dev and test instances up by 11:30.

Since many departments depend on our LDAP servers being up (everything from peoplesoft, to resnet) alot of commotion was raised. Maybe we’ll get some headway made on a real generator now.

Even though it was draining, it was good to see what/and how things break, etc. I’m surprised at how graceful a lot of machines and services came back up. Looks like I’ll have some days off in the near future. Whoo! 😀

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New Job & Yacht Rock in the Jukebox

Well, after applying to a position over @ ITS and getting an interview, I was offered the Software Systems Engineer Sr. position this past week. I’ve accepted the offer and will be starting there as of July! 😀 I must say that I was pretty intimidated by the Sr. level but really look forward to advancing my technical skillset quickly in this position. The team handles NAU’s implementations of CAS, DNS, and LDAP among other things. I’ll be able to finally stretch my legs in a number of areas I haven’t been able to in previous positions. I’ll miss working for DL, but it’s time to get on with it!

Also, I finally got Ricky Bill the 3 Yacht Rock compilation CD’s I was telling him I’d do for the MonteV jukebox. They not only have some of the smoothest songs out there, but they also include soundbites from the “Yacht Rock” series. Without further adieu, here’s the tracklist for your smooth drinking (Mimosas, of course) soundtrack:

Disc: 89
01 – George Benson – Breezin’
02 – Loggins & Messina – Sailin’ The Wind
03 – Kenny Loggins – Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’
04 – Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes
05 – Doobie Brothers – You Never Change
06 – Hall & Oates – Alley Katz
07 – Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom
08 – Hall & Oates – Sara Smile
09 – Hall & Oates – Portable Radio
10 – Kenny Loggins – This Is It
11 – Steely Dan – King of the World
12 – Steely Dan – Time Out of Mind
13 – Kenny Loggins – Keep The Fire
14 – Doobie Brothers – How Do The Fools Survive

Disc: 92
01 – Journey – Lights
02 – Journey – Any Way You Want It
03 – Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne
04 – Kenny Loggins – I’m Alright
05 – Toto – Hold the Line
06 – Toto – Make Believe
07 – Christopher Cross – Ride Like the Wind
08 – Kenny Loggins – Perry, Steve – Don’t Fight It
09 – Toto – I’ll Supply the Love
10 – Toto – Rosanna
11 – Michael McDonald – I Gotta Try
12 – Christopher Cross – Sailing
13 – Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’
14 – Warren G – Regulate
15 – Steely Dan – Your Gold Teeth II

Disc: 93
01 – Captain & Tennille – Love Will Keep Us Together
02 – Steely Dan – Any World (That I’m Welcome To)
03 – Loggins & Messina – Watching The River Run
04 – Loggins & Messina – Your Mama Don’t Dance
05 – Hall & Oates – Gino (The Manager)
06 – The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It to the Streets
07 – Doobie Brothers – Echoes of Love
08 – Van Halen – I’m the One
09 – The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane
10 – Steely Dan – Everything You Did
11 – Steely Dan – Do It Again
12 – Steely Dan – Peg
13 – The Eagles – Hotel California
14 – Steely Dan – FM (No Static At All)

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So this past week a couple cool things have happened… Mark and I have officially gone in on a 55gal barrel of Bio-Diesel from Mountain BioFuel and it sits in the garage like so:
It was also Bike To Work Week…put on by Flagstaff Biking and I was our worksite’s coordinator. I found out a who regularly rides to work, and I also found out there’s a large percentage that just plain ol walk to work. Nice week to say the least.

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