all twittered out pt2.

Well, I’ve installed Twitter Tools which now tweets my wordpress blog posts… let’s see what happens now…

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Posting from my iPhone

Well, I’m posting from my iPhone! That’s about it. Here’s a picture from my phone too…

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ah… zenpress :-)

I have finally actually done the zenpress conversion for my lil image gallery. Sweet relief. Looks like there’s even a wordpress plugin so that I can pop in images nice a quick. Nick

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WordPress, the BEHEMOTH

WordPress has taken over practically every thought process.

Gravatars (puts a lil icon next to yr comment if ya have one)? CHECK
Embedded Gallery2 w/ all my photos from Gallery1? CHECK
Imported blogger.com entries? CHECK (except for the lack of titles :/ )

I am simply amazed at the extensibility of wordpress and the creations of it’s developers. For instance:

  • I am able to place in a live search toolbar (at the top of the page) that actvely searches my archives. Woah.
  • Then I’m able to put a “live archives” into my archives (link on the top nav bar,) which makes it easy to see what and how much was posted when.
  • I’m also posting the archives in a “live format” in the grey area below.
  • Also in the grey area below, I have some images from my gallery. (random, recent, most viewed)
  • I can also post images inline from my gallery. It’s a cool feature so an author doesn’t have to remember or copy the image location. Check it out:
    …see, an image of Zoë and I that links to it’s original image in the gallery.

There’s plenty more I’m working with and tweaking for the main robothouse.org site. What IS going on with that site, might you ask? Well, aside from studying the intricacies of wordpress, I’m planning with Bobby on how to deploy the site. Looks like it’ll be geared more towards fun articles and posting info about upcoming events. Less gossip, more rock. Or it might be the other way around. We’re gonna have features by various writers and artists, and also host tons of multimedia content. Everything from streaming audio and video to podcasting. I also have a 300 level group of design students from the university that are using the site as a stomping grounds for development. This should be incredibly fun.

This also means I’m going to be updating the site alot more now. Enjoy.

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*ouch* AKA: growing pains of the website.

Ok, you’ll notice a few things here.

  1. The page probably looks ugly. This is because I am working on it.
  2. I haven’t posted here in forever. Yes, I have been busy with stuff over the holidays, then I decided it would be good to change webhosts. Hallelujah yay viva la dreamhost.com
  3. Where’s robothouse.org? Well I got really tired and annoyed by the upkeep (more like the lack of upkeep on my part) of the site and decided to completely overhaul the site. I’ll be up soon, and it’ll be way more fun.
  4. I’ll probably have my image gallery back up here soon too.
  5. This site will probably stay ugly for a while as well.
  6. I got my old blogger.com posts to convert to wordpress. Too bad the titles are random. Oh well.
  7. I’m going to see Jetomi and Japanther play tonight. I am STOKED.
  8. Zoë and I broke up but we’re both cool with each other. We’ll also probably live together for a few more months, which she says “is gonna be interesting” Uh oh, should I have posted that?
  9. I am playing in Sister Pants with my good buddy Phil. It’s nice and mellow and it’s showing me that playing music can be a fun learning process all over again.
  10. I am in a little bit of debt and I need to re-assess how I handle costs of things.
  11. Remind me to get a vet appt for Stella when you see me.
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