I broke down

…and got a Facebook account. My excuse was work related, but regardless, I’ve already “developed” a facebook application. Well, it’s just a rss feed displayer. It displays future events from the calendar, and lets you “share” the events with others. Overall, pretty chill to work with, and I have future plans for the app… mostly just to give the user the ability to add the event to their personal facebook calendar.

In other news (read as “bike news”) I’m pretty much done with parts on the bike and it’s ridiculous to say the least. The folks at Biff’s were checkin’ it out this morning and referred to it as the “Watermellon Bike.” I should probably get some pictures up soon. I am looking into a steel frame to replace the aluminum one, which means the green might go away sometime down the road. The Milwaukee Cream City Track frame looks hella chill. We’ll see…

I am stoked on my track standin’ abilities… as on my way home from Safeway this evening, I was able to hold it up for a double train crossing, even going no-handed for a bit as well. Chill 🙂 I should get to bed soon, I gotta get to work super early in the morning for updates to NAUauthZ. 😛

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How did I break 2 spokes?

Seriously, I was riding home the other day, and out of the blue… SNAP. 2 spokes break on my new bike. What the hell? I’ll now have to take it into the bike shop to get it fixed. Ugh. I did find out one weird thing on my bike. The front wheel is laced straight, but the rear wheel is laced straight on the non-gear side, while the gear side is laced with either a 2 or 3 cross. Crazy, no?

Other than that, I had a sweet weekend. I totally nerded out on Saturday, woke up @ 7am and played WOW with friends for 7hrs, then went to a houseshow. Then on Sunday went to another houseshow that we played at. it was fun. I was more stoked that MJ had a good “setting up a show” first experience. The Makai were hella stoked and really nice dudes to boot.

Bobby is totally getting awesome with the video podcasts. For that I am hella stoked. We’ll see where this leads in the future.

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Dog Grooming Haircut Pay Bills

For some reason I have been really under the weather. When this happens I find my self either forgetting or putting off alot of things. I fall asleep early for no reason, and I’m incredibly antisocial. It’s a good thing I have an awesomelady & roomates. I finally set appointments to get Stella groomed and washed up. I also remembered to get my haircut appointment. Sweet.

Robothouse:LTD now has an awesome-ly unfunctional website. Sweet pics tho, bro. I really had a fun romp around AZ with mah bwoyz. Owen aka Bro-wen aka Bartman 2 got really loaded in Tucson and is probably still sick. I hope he’s doing way better. My bass’ EQ totally is on the fritz so I gots to get to fixing that.

Things have been keeping me hella busy before the winter break, and I’m sure I’ll be keeping just as busy during the break. That’s a good thing, right?

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This is where I yet again talk about how I’m going to blog more often.

I have been busy, or not so busy… wait, a better way to put it would be that I haven’t been very inspired to blog. That’s not right either… more like, I’ve been wanting to put too much on my blog, but haven’t had the time to think it out, so I’ve just been putting it off again and again…

Well how about this… I’ll do a bulleted list of things I should cover in detail as the time arises… ok.

  • Started a new band. It is called Robothouse: LTD. Bobby, Owen, & Owen are in it. it is fun, but we worry too much about being old dudes. There are 3 bass players. Somebody awesome is possibly interested in being a producer. I like the fact that there are other people who would like to invest their efforts in Flagstaff’s music.
  • I started a new job. I now work over at Distance Learning @ NAU. It’s pretty cool. I’m a “Support Systems Analyst” and I do PC support for faculty and distance labs. I’m happy to be working @ NAU again since most of the nerds I went to school with that stayed in Flagstaff work here. The bennies are awesome, the pay is better, and it’s way more chill than CCC was. I’m also working on helping better develop the multimedia streaming capabilities of the university. Fun work!
  • Lemond Poprad... not mine tho!I broke down and finally bought a bike. It’s a Lemond Poprad. It’s way overkill for just getting into cyclocross, but hey, when am I not overkill when it comes to gear? This reminds me, I should take pictures of the bike. That’ll happen soon enough.
  • Work just got me a MacBook Pro. It is pretty badass. It makes me wanna get one for my personal use.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll type more when I’m not slacking off from work.

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Woah, I don’t update as much as I say I will

Well, I’ve been busy.

With a number of things.

The website is back up and running. All it needs is some loving content from some local folks. I’m wondering when that’s gonna start happening! People’s interests have been peaked tho.

I have been SERIOUSLY enjoying playing music with Phil lately. I need to take Desi and him out for dinner sometime. That would be a most excellent way to show my apprecation. The band is called Sister Pants and it’s been really healthy for me to play in. I’m starting to learn how to sing while playing guitar and even dabble on the keyboards. I’m guessing we have hour first show on May 6th. We’re all about creating a nice atmosphere when we play music.

There is also talk of a super secret band between Mr Robert E Carlson and myself. It’s secret, so more on that never.
Work has been ok lately. There’s talk of ogranization-wide raises and movemeny of myself into the IT department, which includes a title change, etc. After the past year’s worth of events and letdowns, I’m definitely not going to be holding my breath.

Also, I like going to the gym, but never get time to do it anymore. Ack!

There, now you have an idea of what I’ve been up to lately without even having to talk to me!

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