Laaaaaaaast night & siblings

Last night was a hoot. Rachel was DJing at the MonteV for the first time and I must say it was pretty badass. I’m glad to see friends do things that are unexpected and creative. I danced the night away, that’s for sure. It was really cool to see the DJs using a Serato for most of the set.

Things are going pretty well lately. I’m not as broke as I’ve been in the past. Work is going well. The band is awesome. Marty might even take over my Firm membership with Zoe. That’ll free up even more $.

Thanksgiving was hella fun with the siblings. My brother Mike came up to visit a few days early. He even brought the turkey fryer. It was awesome to see him and know that he’ll be on to bigger and better things on the east coast. Owen and Audra had their brothers and sisters over too. We deep fried a turkey and a bunch of people came over in the morning on Thanksgiving to drink mimosas. That was fun to see a bunch of people that normalls don’t come over.

Recently, a certain someone has my total adoration and crush. It’s been loads of fun to take time and find out more about that someone. Oh, and the making out is awesome. 😉

Today at work I moved into a new area and it’s doubled my desk & storage space. That is badass. I’m a little woozy from whoopin it up the night before, but it’s alright. I’m gonna go see some of the Macy’s employees bands play during First Friday Art Walk. Should be fun.

Looking forward to next weekend, we play Modified on the 8th Reggae Meltdown VI and then a Tucson houseshow on the 9th. hell yes.

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This is where I yet again talk about how I’m going to blog more often.

I have been busy, or not so busy… wait, a better way to put it would be that I haven’t been very inspired to blog. That’s not right either… more like, I’ve been wanting to put too much on my blog, but haven’t had the time to think it out, so I’ve just been putting it off again and again…

Well how about this… I’ll do a bulleted list of things I should cover in detail as the time arises… ok.

  • Started a new band. It is called Robothouse: LTD. Bobby, Owen, & Owen are in it. it is fun, but we worry too much about being old dudes. There are 3 bass players. Somebody awesome is possibly interested in being a producer. I like the fact that there are other people who would like to invest their efforts in Flagstaff’s music.
  • I started a new job. I now work over at Distance Learning @ NAU. It’s pretty cool. I’m a “Support Systems Analyst” and I do PC support for faculty and distance labs. I’m happy to be working @ NAU again since most of the nerds I went to school with that stayed in Flagstaff work here. The bennies are awesome, the pay is better, and it’s way more chill than CCC was. I’m also working on helping better develop the multimedia streaming capabilities of the university. Fun work!
  • Lemond Poprad... not mine tho!I broke down and finally bought a bike. It’s a Lemond Poprad. It’s way overkill for just getting into cyclocross, but hey, when am I not overkill when it comes to gear? This reminds me, I should take pictures of the bike. That’ll happen soon enough.
  • Work just got me a MacBook Pro. It is pretty badass. It makes me wanna get one for my personal use.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll type more when I’m not slacking off from work.

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I love my dog.

I can take her to shows! Stella Marie likes music.
We are both getting into shape this summer!

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I care and don’t care all at the same time.

This statement sort of sums up my life right now. It’s kinda like I’m on autopilot, waiting for something to change, happen, or maybe even get better? I’m not sure as of yet. Living with an ex for more than a month after breaking up is, well, trying on me at times. We’re friends and get along most of the time, but alot of little thing that never used to get my pants in a bunch are now creeping up for no reason at all. I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ve been keeping things bottled up in my favorite passive-agressive style, which I know is not good, but what am I to do until June 1st when we move apart from one another? I need to chill out some, bro.

Sister Pants in my mind is seeming more like a selfish pleasure than a band lately. Phil is probably one of the nicest people I know. I don’t care if anyone other than Phil and I like the music. I’m much more interested in smoking out and learning how to hack together little pieces of piano and guitar than being in one of those “hip bands.” I have more interest in having a “set” full of imagery behind us and feeling comfortable playing than I do in actually performing a bunch or having anything meaningful to say. It’s one of those transitions ya go through when ya go from unscrupulous youth to old fogey in a matter of one year.

On the other hand, I do have a rocking out side that caters to the drunks and spastics and rediculous things. It’s bubbling up and will be unleashed sometime this summer, but not in Sister Pants. Sister Pants is more refined (idealistically, at least) and “fancy.” This thing will be layers and layers of postmoderninsm.

I’ve been feeling very tired lately. Ah, the Springsteen references come flooding in (Dancing In The Dark most likely.) I feel like I should be more motivated, and interested in things around me. I feel like I don’t really have any meaningful conversations with anyone. Even if someone talks to me, I just glaze over and BS for a while and then take off early, creating an atmosphere that I’m either a snob, or too lame to say anything truly insightful. I feel bad because I do like talking with people, hell I even just like the fact that someone is paying attention to me. When I do talk, I find myself rambling… no, ranting about whatever topic I’m fixated on at the moment. Later on in the evening I will realize this and be embarassed about it. I also feel turned off by alot of people lately. Maybe it’s past experiences I’ve had with them, or certain expectations I have. Maybe it’s because I’m usually alot older than the people I hang out with. Most people my age are taking care of their newborns or sleeping or watching crappy ass Fox news. None of those things interest me. I don’t think they ever will… at least I hope so. Whatever. Maybe I just need to get laid. It’s frustrating. I think this attitude is a combination of me being in my late 20’s and not having any solid direction in mind with my social or professional life.

Why is my throat always dry? I drink shittons water.

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Woah, I don’t update as much as I say I will

Well, I’ve been busy.

With a number of things.

The website is back up and running. All it needs is some loving content from some local folks. I’m wondering when that’s gonna start happening! People’s interests have been peaked tho.

I have been SERIOUSLY enjoying playing music with Phil lately. I need to take Desi and him out for dinner sometime. That would be a most excellent way to show my apprecation. The band is called Sister Pants and it’s been really healthy for me to play in. I’m starting to learn how to sing while playing guitar and even dabble on the keyboards. I’m guessing we have hour first show on May 6th. We’re all about creating a nice atmosphere when we play music.

There is also talk of a super secret band between Mr Robert E Carlson and myself. It’s secret, so more on that never.
Work has been ok lately. There’s talk of ogranization-wide raises and movemeny of myself into the IT department, which includes a title change, etc. After the past year’s worth of events and letdowns, I’m definitely not going to be holding my breath.

Also, I like going to the gym, but never get time to do it anymore. Ack!

There, now you have an idea of what I’ve been up to lately without even having to talk to me!

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