Yesterday, pretty sweet.

  • Got a bit o sun this weekend.
  • I have a mustache for the month of March.
  • Fancy a lady.
  • Got a laptop dedicated for FlagSprints.
  • Rode the white bike for the first time since around new years.
  • Sprinted up some hills with folks.
  • Got a free pair of swrve knickers!
  • Installed Ubuntu on a laptop for the 1st time, so painless.
  • Going to get fitted for a tux today.
  • Going to the Viola Awards on Thurs.
  • Hopefully getting sme Fox F29 forks on the cheap this afternoon.
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no, not that many things

The other Sunday, I slept in and took a shower in the afternoon. Look out the open window overlooking downtown again, the steam rolling in along with the cold air… and all I could think about was how I keep in a constant loop. In my thoughts and projects lately.

Loop Loop Loop Loop. Loop. it’s 10 minutes later. Wasted too much hot water, but I love the feel.

Dumping video out to the computer, then editing later that day. It gave me time to think more.

more loops. I only like one of the songs that band did. Not because of the music, I liked more than one song. It was mostly the combination of bad shots and bad lighting. I don’t remember talking to many people that night. Just creeping in the corner. Making small talk with some old friends and traveling people. It’s becoming a common thing lately… that loop.

A series of events this summer put me in a new place. Mostly those that weren’t good events. Lonely would be an understatement. I became somewhat selfish (not really self healing.) I stopped calling people. I stopped initiating communication. Things dried up. I biked more. I started running more. I disappeared without saying bye.

I don’t get looks like I used to. I used to enjoy relating to others, but they never seemed to relate back the same, sometimes even attempt to. Many people I know have moved out of town because of this. Why relate when you can go somewhere where it’s not required. But these people somehow had incredible relationships and friendships that ran deep. I could never figure out why I felt I felt I felt a complete lack of this sort of deep relation.

I remember feeling this way back in high school, probably discrediting my actual friends back then. I just moved on. I’d hate for that to become a loop, but I feel that need to move on again.

Now I’m sounding extremely self loathing. loop loop loop loop, whoops. I do have a friend or two that are there for me every so often, which is nice. But where is that amazing friend? Eventually I’d like to have an awesome love too. Hell, even meet that person I could grow and create with (not necessarily grow old or procreate with.) Maybe I did meet these people, and just passed on the opportunity. I am fairly guilty at times of being oblivious to people’s feeling and signals.

I thought I had some things figured out. Do fun stuff, play music, run a venue, be nice to people, get a sweet career doing stuff I like. Things that should be seen as good, but I for some reason feel differently. Recurring comments make their way to me like “you’ve always been a good friend” “why didn’t I date you back in the day” “you did so much for our band” etc… these end up resonating in a bittersweet way when I never reaped the benefits of that spectacular friendship or love.

I need to work on being a better friend, but the loop of not wanting to seek it out keeps on coming… I just wander around, not sure what I want or need. I have ideas, but I just keep thinking, looping looping…

I’m pretty sure I’m not depressed, but damned if this doesn’t make it sound that way.

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How to start a weekend…

Well for starters I slept in, then I added a Mars Hill quick loop +1mi to my run. Nice *whew*

Then I had some awesome tamales @ Morning Glory +3 cups of coffee.

Then I went to Macy’s for a double house. Completely caffeinated and buzzing about so I biked around a bunch. It was warm enough to just wear a shirt and an unbuttoned buttonup.

Off to home to FINALLY figure out the opensprints software I’ve been wanting to get some time to look at. Finally works in OSX by using a lil serial to network piece of software! Now to get the hardware wrapped up and we’ll be good to go for “FlagSprints” or “MtnSprints” or whatever quirky name we end up giving it.

Next, I chuckled at my mail and filled out the online nielsen household TV survey. I also got a computer to scavenge data from it’s hard drive. Anyone have a USB enclosure for laptop hard drives and some tiny screws?

Now it’s off to Mark’s for a dinner party and hopefully some guitar herooooo…

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It’s been a while, eh?

Well, I been bike riding, washer & dryer buying, goldsprints preparing, turkey frying, and so much other stuffs lately…

Mikey came to visit from his new digs in Long Beach Ca., which was awesome! We fried turkey and did stupid bike tricks. It was a chill time, for sure. Got some video I need to dump down even…

I broke down and bought a washer and dryer on Black Friday (I know, how anti-anti-consumer is that!?!) but I finally got them installed the weekend afterward. Ah, finally have clean and DRY clothes.

Got all the parts for a goldsprints setup headed my way. It’s pretty much stationary bike “stock-car” racing, but usually with alot of drunk people drinking beer involved.

I also did alot of biking this weekend. It is very awesome to have people to ride with!

I need to get a pair of pants hemmed. *wanders off…*

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Mt Humphreys

Well, after say like 12 years of living here, I finally climbed My Humphreys!

Mt Humphreys 8/30/08 from Waaaay Waaaaaka on Vimeo.

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