Time to start pluggin away at journal entries…

Well today was certainly interesting. As the weather is “seemingly” starting to warm up, I am picking up steam in productivity. I met with a group from John Kofonow’s VC353 class that is going to help re-design the robothouse site. For a first meeting, it was fairly productive and they seem to be pretty stoked to be working on the project. This got me pretty amped to say the least, or was it the 2 double house coffees at Macy’s? After work I chatted w/ the folks from the Noise which are always fun to chat with. I’m hoping I can work with them much more in the future. Aside from that I’m hoping that this “extra” paycheck in March will help cover the Passat’s registration, credit card bills, and State taxes I’m gonna be owing. Ugh. And to think… I was looking forward to a cool tax check a couple months ago. Ends up I owe money instead. I gotta figure this out for the future, or else I’ll be broke forever.

On a lighter note… well, not so light. I set up an appointment with a Physical Therapist to get an assessment done on my back. I’ve been having more recurring issues with stretching and flexibility. Seems that my sciatic nerve probably has something to do with the problems. Hopefully I can get some good knowledge of what is wrong and hopefully how to correct it too.

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