More sprints

Went to Tempe yesterday with Kyle to check out the opensprints setup down south. The event was 300m sprints entitled “Street Kings Invitational”. Everyone was stoked, there were tons of racers, 3 categories, and I got to talk with the coordinators who were super nice & get some ideas bounced off on how to better run our sprints. As far as racing goes, I got bumped out in the first round to a fellow from Tucson, but Kyle ended up rocking 2nd place in the A race with an impressive final race! I ended up scoring a sweet Chrome mini lock belt bag in the raffle too!

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Yesterday, pretty sweet.

  • Got a bit o sun this weekend.
  • I have a mustache for the month of March.
  • Fancy a lady.
  • Got a laptop dedicated for FlagSprints.
  • Rode the white bike for the first time since around new years.
  • Sprinted up some hills with folks.
  • Got a free pair of swrve knickers!
  • Installed Ubuntu on a laptop for the 1st time, so painless.
  • Going to get fitted for a tux today.
  • Going to the Viola Awards on Thurs.
  • Hopefully getting sme Fox F29 forks on the cheap this afternoon.
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It’s been a while, eh?

Well, I been bike riding, washer & dryer buying, goldsprints preparing, turkey frying, and so much other stuffs lately…

Mikey came to visit from his new digs in Long Beach Ca., which was awesome! We fried turkey and did stupid bike tricks. It was a chill time, for sure. Got some video I need to dump down even…

I broke down and bought a washer and dryer on Black Friday (I know, how anti-anti-consumer is that!?!) but I finally got them installed the weekend afterward. Ah, finally have clean and DRY clothes.

Got all the parts for a goldsprints setup headed my way. It’s pretty much stationary bike “stock-car” racing, but usually with alot of drunk people drinking beer involved.

I also did alot of biking this weekend. It is very awesome to have people to ride with!

I need to get a pair of pants hemmed. *wanders off…*

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O snap. Cross race

This should get me out on the cross bike this weekend fo sho. Beer, bikes, but no smucking? WTF?!?!


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Farewell, stuff…

Well, it’s time to unload this frame. I’d love to keep it, but I gotta say g’bye…

such a beaut.

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