Bike To Work Week Shenanigans

Well, it’s bike to work week. Whoopie! I am stoked and bummed all at the same time. Ok, bear with me, here’s my bike-snob of a rant:

Stoked that more people are riding, but bummed that most of the people are unaware of the danger they’re putting themselves by inadvertently breaking laws and being unaware of their surroundings. This morning alone, I saw 2 kids swerve into traffic, a dude pull out in front of a car without looking, another guy biking the wrong way down the bike path, people biking fast down sidewalks when there’s a bike lane right next to them, about 5-6 “cool” bikers and their bikes blocking an entrance to a parking lot (sbt breakfast station people, y’alls need to plan better.)

Stoked that the bike racks are being used more than the %10 they are the rest of the year, but bummed that people are slamming their $20 huffy around bashing any bikes around them (side note: decided to keep my bike in the office today, haha!)

Stoked that Flagstaff touts Bike friendly status… but wondering why we’re only able to get “bronze status” based on “Engineering” aka collecting money to improve biking in town… but where does that money go exactly? I currently assume that we’re lacking the push to maintain existing bike lanes, and opt to push for more dirt paths which I consider more recreation trail based rather than commuting path based. I’ll be researching this as the year goes on.

I’m getting off my ass and going to start participating in town hall meetings starting this evening. Here’s to being positive, eh?

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