Yelloooooo Friday

I am liking the Bridgestone even though I still can’t use the Purple Nitto post. *cry* I notice a little more reach in the top tube, but I think I could go for an even bigger frame, but that might impact my turning radius…. lol like that’s a problem. The geometry is a bit steeper than the Mercier, which makes skid stops waaay easier. Like for instance when some ass pulled out in front of me on the way to work today when I had right of way. I not only had to skid, but turn into his direction to not be clipped by him. When I stopped to ask him if he even saw me, he replied “Dude, I totally gave you right of way so you could turn!” When I told him I wasn’t turning, I didn’t even signal to turn, and was forced to turn or else he’d have clipped me on his way through the intersection, he got all defensive and started yelling at me, I returned the same attitude. Dude’s eyes were hella glazed and he looked like he had just waked and baked. To each their own, but that’s just not chill, braaaaaaaah!

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