Bad Ray / Good Ray

Ok, so here are some things:
I was lame and didn’t go to Bruce & Annette’s wedding this past weekend. I wasn’t feeling good early in the weekend and I just stayed home. This also means I missed out on going to Phantom Ranch as well. Boo to me, bad Ray.

I did go help Mark tear down the rest of a cabin on Monday though. Good Ray.

I figured out how to bike to Parks without using the highway at all. It sucked… SO… BAD. Bad (idea) Ray. The train roads from downtown to a little before Bellemont were practically sharp rock rivers and it took me forever to get past em. After getting to Bellemont, the old 66 route took me straight to Mark’s house, which ruled, even when it downpoured. We played Shed teardown Jenga by sledgehammering each support in turn till the thing went down. Apparently the damn shower held up the thing practically by itself. We were down to 3 supports (from like 25-ish to start.) Mark lost since it toppled over as he was hitting his last support out. I was the last before him, so I guess I won? Good Ray?

On a side note, I figured out I can carry at least 4 6-packs + 1 in my bag. Good Ray. That is all…

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