Chill weekend

Well let’s see now… Friday I went to Guy’s housewarming party. Him and his lady moved in just next door to me. Now we can hand each other neighborly things over the fence; like flour, milk, and eggs (more like Wii games and beer.) Later I went to see Joe Myers @ Charly’s… and I was sad to not see too many people there. Joe’s an amazing artist, and I truly enjoy his music when he’s playing up here.

Saturday morning I totally layed about and finally went on my ride around 10. I was almost hoping for it to rain during the ride, but alas overcast weather would have to do. Looks like alot of people ride the east side of the route, and continue up north to the Schultz Pass area. I liked riding down it alot more, especially with all of the banked turns and such. 😉 I think the ride, including the trip from my house was ~20mi… which reminds me that I need to get a computer on the bike to track that kinda stuffs.

Sunday was nice and mellow, as it drizzled most of the day, I went biking around to do chores, spending more time wandering around stores due to the rain. Shannon is hella awesome as a roomate and I am stoked for living arrangements. It’s chill, it’s clean!

I kinda like all the time off from not doing band stuff… but I’m sure I’ll get the itch to play music soon enough, so I’ll enjoy what’s goin on right now.

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