Fun Weekend

Things I dun:

  • rollersI rode rollers for the first time. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks folks! The dude that owns Applesauce has a set and has been riding me to try em out. Luckily for me, I didn’t crash and was able to ride for a solid 5-10 minutes on my fixie without holding onto a chair or wall. Now I have to work on doing this 20 minutes a day every day. One problem though… I don’t own a set of rollers. 🙁
  • Rode Soldiers trail twice this weekend. That was a hoot. I’m guessing this trail will become my default bread and butter trail when I can’t find anything else to do. It’s a ~15mi round trip if I only do the trail once, but I keep seeing people looping back around the trail, thus doubling it up. I guess sooner or later I’ll be doing that, making it a ~20mi trip.
  • Got caught in the rain with Stella on the way to kickball and camped out under the entrance to the NAU gym for like 45min. Stella and I played there which was ok, but I also started to practice no handed track stands. Crazytown. I pulled one for almost a minute, which is improvement in my book.
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