Squirtle Squad

My legs are loving me… and by loving me, I mean screaming out to me in pain! I haven’t ate shit yet after 3 days of riding my first fixed gear bike. I sold ‘Chill Black’ single speed to Owen, so it’s either the fixie or the xcross bike when I ride.

LTD played a show last night with Soft Shoulder and Matt & Kim. I could barely ‘get down’ as much as I usually do. Hell, I could barely lift my legs out of the car after the drive. Hopefully after my fixed gear trial-by-fire-month I’ll be doing a bit better in the sore leg dept.

I’ll be modding the bike soon, need one of those lame-ass sticker/postcard things that fixie riders rock in their spokes, and I’ll probably chop and flop the handlebars too, but I’ll look for a replacement set so I don’t mangle the original bars, they are nice. I’ll probably get a front brake too, at least until I’ve mastered the crazy hills in Flag.

This is also the first time I’ve officially named a bike. I dub thee ‘Squirtle Squad’!

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