How did I break 2 spokes?

Seriously, I was riding home the other day, and out of the blue… SNAP. 2 spokes break on my new bike. What the hell? I’ll now have to take it into the bike shop to get it fixed. Ugh. I did find out one weird thing on my bike. The front wheel is laced straight, but the rear wheel is laced straight on the non-gear side, while the gear side is laced with either a 2 or 3 cross. Crazy, no?

Other than that, I had a sweet weekend. I totally nerded out on Saturday, woke up @ 7am and played WOW with friends for 7hrs, then went to a houseshow. Then on Sunday went to another houseshow that we played at. it was fun. I was more stoked that MJ had a good “setting up a show” first experience. The Makai were hella stoked and really nice dudes to boot.

Bobby is totally getting awesome with the robothouse.org video podcasts. For that I am hella stoked. We’ll see where this leads in the future.

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