Laaaaaaaast night & siblings

Last night was a hoot. Rachel was DJing at the MonteV for the first time and I must say it was pretty badass. I’m glad to see friends do things that are unexpected and creative. I danced the night away, that’s for sure. It was really cool to see the DJs using a Serato for most of the set.

Things are going pretty well lately. I’m not as broke as I’ve been in the past. Work is going well. The band is awesome. Marty might even take over my Firm membership with Zoe. That’ll free up even more $.

Thanksgiving was hella fun with the siblings. My brother Mike came up to visit a few days early. He even brought the turkey fryer. It was awesome to see him and know that he’ll be on to bigger and better things on the east coast. Owen and Audra had their brothers and sisters over too. We deep fried a turkey and a bunch of people came over in the morning on Thanksgiving to drink mimosas. That was fun to see a bunch of people that normalls don’t come over.

Recently, a certain someone has my total adoration and crush. It’s been loads of fun to take time and find out more about that someone. Oh, and the making out is awesome. 😉

Today at work I moved into a new area and it’s doubled my desk & storage space. That is badass. I’m a little woozy from whoopin it up the night before, but it’s alright. I’m gonna go see some of the Macy’s employees bands play during First Friday Art Walk. Should be fun.

Looking forward to next weekend, we play Modified on the 8th Reggae Meltdown VI and then a Tucson houseshow on the 9th. hell yes.

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  • Mike says:

    Dang, I wish I could double up my space at work. I’ll just have to be content with better toys.

  • ex-wife says:

    A. Glad you have a crush, I think I know who it is, best pairing in years, but you have to confirm so…
    B. You have to tell me who it is and…
    C. When can we change the gym thing and
    D. Let me take you out to sushi soon and finally
    E. We should have like the BEST CHRISTMAAS DINNER EVER!!!!
    love ,
    say hi to stella!

  • Mavrick says:

    Well said, Amanda. Marc is a very good man who clearly loves you and Galbleire and it warms my heart to hear you say it. He is also a very lucky guy!

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