This is where I yet again talk about how I’m going to blog more often.

I have been busy, or not so busy… wait, a better way to put it would be that I haven’t been very inspired to blog. That’s not right either… more like, I’ve been wanting to put too much on my blog, but haven’t had the time to think it out, so I’ve just been putting it off again and again…

Well how about this… I’ll do a bulleted list of things I should cover in detail as the time arises… ok.

  • Started a new band. It is called Robothouse: LTD. Bobby, Owen, & Owen are in it. it is fun, but we worry too much about being old dudes. There are 3 bass players. Somebody awesome is possibly interested in being a producer. I like the fact that there are other people who would like to invest their efforts in Flagstaff’s music.
  • I started a new job. I now work over at Distance Learning @ NAU. It’s pretty cool. I’m a “Support Systems Analyst” and I do PC support for faculty and distance labs. I’m happy to be working @ NAU again since most of the nerds I went to school with that stayed in Flagstaff work here. The bennies are awesome, the pay is better, and it’s way more chill than CCC was. I’m also working on helping better develop the multimedia streaming capabilities of the university. Fun work!
  • Lemond Poprad... not mine tho!I broke down and finally bought a bike. It’s a Lemond Poprad. It’s way overkill for just getting into cyclocross, but hey, when am I not overkill when it comes to gear? This reminds me, I should take pictures of the bike. That’ll happen soon enough.
  • Work just got me a MacBook Pro. It is pretty badass. It makes me wanna get one for my personal use.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll type more when I’m not slacking off from work.

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  • en: @tweetie Gah, I just bought Tweetie for the iPod. I think I launched it maybe twice, and now this. D'oh! 10/01/09 10:09am
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