Moving on… and games.

Well, every other blog post (which is roughly every month or two) I state that I’m going to post more. I’ll do it, I swear!

As far as things in my life, I’ve been busy, as always. I sold my Firebird and finally paid off CC bills from my trip in December. *whew* What a relief. I hate the idea of having CC bills to great extent. I had some$ left over, so instead of saving it, I blew it on a DS Lite. Sweet. I am stoked. For anyone interested, here are some friends codes:

  • Tetris DS
  • Maaaario Kart DS

I also got New Super Mario Brothers. I must say, Nintendo definitely has the uncanny ability to turn a 28yo dude back onto gaming after an 8 year hiatus. So, if we’re going to be talking about games. I’m also playing WOW some. I’ve recently been playing an Alliance character on the Laughing Skull server since all my old College buddies play there. Blizzard is letting existing members give out free 10-day trials to help get more people addicted to their MMORPG. Holler if you’re interested.

Also, Zoë and I are having a “divorce party” tonight at Pete’s house. We’ve been broken up for like 3 months now, and initially had a fake wedding ceremony, so we’ll get it memorialized with a divorce ceremony performed by Pete, the dude who “hitched us.” Should be interesting as there’s a Yachting theme to commemerate our love and mourning for Yacht Rock. Goodbye Koko, we’ll miss you. ::cry::

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