Woah, I don’t update as much as I say I will

Well, I’ve been busy.

With a number of things.

The robothouse.org website is back up and running. All it needs is some loving content from some local folks. I’m wondering when that’s gonna start happening! People’s interests have been peaked tho.

I have been SERIOUSLY enjoying playing music with Phil lately. I need to take Desi and him out for dinner sometime. That would be a most excellent way to show my apprecation. The band is called Sister Pants and it’s been really healthy for me to play in. I’m starting to learn how to sing while playing guitar and even dabble on the keyboards. I’m guessing we have hour first show on May 6th. We’re all about creating a nice atmosphere when we play music.

There is also talk of a super secret band between Mr Robert E Carlson and myself. It’s secret, so more on that never.
Work has been ok lately. There’s talk of ogranization-wide raises and movemeny of myself into the IT department, which includes a title change, etc. After the past year’s worth of events and letdowns, I’m definitely not going to be holding my breath.

Also, I like going to the gym, but never get time to do it anymore. Ack!

There, now you have an idea of what I’ve been up to lately without even having to talk to me!

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  • Mike says:

    It’s a shame about the letdowns. Nothing new through… Anywhere actually. Some people there get excited about ideas, but aren’t actually in positions to affect that kind of change. Just remember, make it yours and don’t worry about the changes. ANd I’m gonna exercise someday too.
    Oh yea, how the hell do I get a spell chack plug-in to work. Are you using one?

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