Well, alot has been happening. I can’t keep track of anything lately, even the ol’ blog. I’m super excited to head to the east coast with ZoĆ«, even though she’s super busy with the end of another semester of school.

Thanksgiving was pleasant. I spent the day with Mom and Mikey in Sierra Vista. We fried up a turkey, which is THE best way to cook one of those things. Took like an hour to cook and it stayed juicy for days! Mikey got a new car (VW Golf) and he’s super excited about it. Welcome to the VW club, bro! I left SV the next day to pick up Zoe from the airport and we had enough time to get my car serviced AND hit up Trader Joe’s. I wish they had one in Flagstaff. Got to figure out how to campaign for one. Speaking of figuring things out…

I’m desperately trying to figure out how to afford a reasonable digital camera so I can take pictures come the holiday season. This is on top of trying to figure out how to afford a new winter coat $150, a new bike, and move all my webhosting to I’d like to get 2 full years paid off so I can get the cheap payments down the line, which is like $200. Go figure! Yeah, and to think I’m looking at only having $200 to spend on vacation, if I don’t get anything at all. I hope my appearance on the east coast is present enough for everyone. Zoe and I have even agreed to not buy each other gifts to save for the vacation. (Yeah, right, lol!)

I had my first “migrane” on monday. I dunno why it happened, as I wasn’ stressed out or anything and the day was going great. Around 1pm I had this increasing pain in my head and by 1:30 I could barely concentrate on anything at all. I felt like I was going to throw up. I took the afternoon off and tried to sleep it off. Zoe totally took care of me, and put ice packs on my head. It took most of the afternoon to feel better. Good thing I didn’t have to teach that day.

I’m still teaching, which is a financial lifesaver, but I’m finding out I don’t like it much. I do have mucho respect for teachers who put up with it. Maybe I’m just not cut out for it. I look at it this way, I work full time, and have little time to prep for class, for which all the materials are prepared via the publisher. Students seem to enjoy the class when they DO show up, and the paid “half hour per hour of class time is roughly 1/2 to 1/3 the actual time I spend prepping for class. I feel that the lack of preperation and material isn’t giving the students enough to learn from. Woah. I must be getting older or something…

I get older (28) on Saturday, so that’s a relief. Japanther are playing along with Jetomi and Sister Pants! Yay! Now to figure out how to afford some sushi dinner…

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