So, the quest for the elusive Passat GLS TDI Wagon goes on… and on… and on… It seems that car dealerships know this vehicle is rare, and roll off the lot like hotcakes. This means I’m not going to get a good price at all. They can be all… dude, take it at sticker, sucker, cause there’s going to be a couple other people here tomorrow to do just the same. I’m not no sucker though. I have one dude talked to a grand below sticker, but there’s all those fees and shit. Plus it’s in Tucson and doesn’t come in for another half month-plus. The vehicle is so badass though. 44mpg on the highway and a wagon for cryin out loud. Woah. I love the diesel in the VW’s since it’s the same engine in the diesel Audi’s that aren’t available in the states yet. It’s made in gernamy and they have to ship that shit here. Yuppie-dom, here I come!

Black Debbie is one more step towards competency in the audio realm, as I have finally recieved my midi controller keyboard. Sweet ass. I am so into making it like NIN meets Dee Lite. Woah. We will have producers, guest artists, lighting / hair / enviroment techs, and shamans.

Coming into work before everyone else is awesome because I get to rock the tunes of my choice on the stereo. Zoë has a mix on the iPod which is ruling it all. Oh yeah, Zoë… she’s going to kick my ass because I haven’t been hanging with her lately. Freakin band practice. Which brings me to new Double Muff pedal I just scored. It’s crazy. I have like a total of 4 Electro Harmonix big muffs on the pedal board right now. Heh Heh Heh. Noise bands don’t got shit on me.

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