Crap. Well the lame blogger service just lost my last post, which was pretty awesome by the way. Here goes again…

I haven’t posted in a while now. The winter break had been awesome to say the least. I had an incredible week and a half of holiday vacation paid time off from CCC where I could actually enjoy taking Stella on more walks, sitting down, and reading things. I took my time going places and enjoyed conversations with people.

Zoë got back from France just in time for New Years. We headed to Phoenix to hang out to party and see some bands, but she was jet lagged and wasn’t feeling well. I would have stayed in Flagstaff and enjoyed the new year’s with her there, but oh well. It was awesome to see Josh though… man seriously. He was awesome and donated some tools for the 111. Super sweet of him. I also got to witness the spectacle of IKEA on new year’s day. Woah. It’s like Super Wall Mart on European steroids with about 1 million people inside at once. We also tried to shop for a VW Passat TDI Wagon, but to no avail. They’re freakin hard to find, plus the salesman was being somewhat of a snob. I mean, I’m in the market for a 35k car with my “WIFE” for crying out loud. Throw me a bone at least.

Anyways. It totally snowed the other day and I had a day off from work. I walked Zoë to work with Stella and then we went to the Casebeers and made a spectacular dinner! It was sooo good. For reals. I totally got to hang with Case and Betsy whom were visiting for the holidays, which totally ruled. I wish I could have hung out more, though. Today I’m back at work. Rode the bike on icy-snowy roads. I didn’t get hit by a crazy car driver and I hope that trend continues. They didn’t even plow the bike path or bike racks yet, so I’m keeping my bike in the office. Whee, warm bike on the ride home!

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