It’s Christmas Eve and all I care about is being lazy. I’ve been cleaning the house and the studio. I hate being broke till the week after new year’s. I wish I could get some badass x-mas gifts.

Last night was a bust, as there was no Blume. They closed MonteV before my songs came on the jukebox. What the hell.

Ann and J-Ro bought a computer. An awesome G5 iMac and I’m installing all sorts of badass software on it for them. Sweet. Back to work.

ZoĆ« is still in France with her mom visiting her sister and her brother in law’s family. I’m jealous… except for the stepping in dog shit part. I can’t wait till she gets back.

Hopefully on the 26th I’ll go see The Life Aquatic with Rachel. I cannot wait for this awesome looking movie. Also, April 1st is when Frank Miller’s Sin City comes out! This was one of the most impressive graphic novels I’ve ever read. It looks like it’s going to be scene for scene from the book with an awesome all star cast. Robert Rodriguez almost got kicked out of the Director’s Guild for giving Miller director credits. What a badass. Par for the course of the movie. Trailer

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