Mike Karr said I should blog more often. Ok.

Last night was fun, I had to scramble to get someone to do sound because the person I had thought was going to do it flaked. Apparently I didn’t let them know I actually needed them to show up and that it was optional. I need to get better at communicating and doling out responsibilities. Again, Argent saved my ass and took over so that I could get to JETOMI practice. I felt really bad that Argent is so good about covering my ass, I owe him tons of props and beers. I made it back to 111 after practice to catch the end of the Poetry Slam, which was cool, and Logan told me that they’re dialed in on getting some chairs from Phoenix. Whoo hoo! I’m going to be putting in some major hours getting the studio fixed up over the winter break. That is going to rule, having some time to put into the venue. Reminder: I NEED to pay Bruce and MalΓ© ASAP for this month. The roof still hasn’t been fixed and we have leaks on stage still. Yay for no lease agreement. I paid rent anyways to show him that I’m sure he’ll fix that roof for me, since I’m now a legal tennant in the eyes of Arizona state law, and I’m a good paying tennant.

Riding my bike in the snow is somewhat sketchy, even though i have a mountain bike, it has fat slicks on it, which makes for some slippery action. I’d ride my brother’s mountain bike, but it has no fenders and I’d have to wear clip pedals.

Riding my bike wouldn’t be that bad, if I wasn’t so freaking concerned about my back. The past few days have sucked, because I slept funny on saturday night and woke up to being barely able to sit up. My sciatic nerve got pinched much worse than it’s ever been. I’ve decided that I need to get it looked at by a professional. Say hello to medical bills. Say hello to months of physical therapy that I don’t have time for. Helloooooooo! This has also been messing with my relationships with people, primarily ZoΓ«. I’m moody, cranky and generally pissy. I need to work on this shit ASAP or else I’ll piss someone off that I don’t want to.

Good news is that they FINALLY made me an offer at CCC for the Multimedia Coordinator position. It’s a good deal, but to be safe, I’m doing what my boss told me to do and hold out for some more. I’m pretty sure he got the salary upped %5, but we’ll see if that happens.

When I was freaking out about getting a full time job, I applied for an NAU job too, but I dobut I’ll even get interviewed. It’s pretty much a management position doing what I did when I was a student worker there. It would seem that I should be a shoe in for that position, but they put the requirements just out of my reach as far as experience goes. I dunno, but it is over $10k more than the CCC job would pay, which would be hella sweet!

Let’s hope things with my back and 111 get better soon!

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  • en: @himayy hit up Rosita's or Suzie's, both are amazing. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Abu Dhabi so far...Don't know what time of the day it is, or what time zone to follow... Brown cheese here we come 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: ok so the fashion plates are finally ready... off we go! If you are downtown or at Lenox, holla, I'll stop and see ya... 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Shoutout to all the djs that can mix, cut, and scratch without using an auto mix program or looking at the lines on Serato. Death To Fre ... 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @Renee_D23 Alright, look, Renee. Aro is my boyfriend, more or less. Don't you have anything to say to me? *eyes narrow and stares at floor* 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: lalala karl's friend is here...i think his name is Erich or Erik-something like that. lol 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @jlsmiles22 You mean, you don't NEED a bigger penis? Or to give your money to a West African man who just won the lottery? 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Imma go deal with the bad canadians drivers and hit the road. Hit up the batting cages, then im gunna go punch trees or something 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @scottfrye I'm awful at keeping up. I just get tried from work and just want to play video games or watch anime. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @AubreyAmethyst I'm Waiting And Waiting... Maybe Around Later October Or Early Next Year... It's Sounds Like It Might Try To Top Everything 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @KirbyTheDog hahahaha cleopatra or ceaser and we like to give ppl orders 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Sorry I can't do Pro Bono work if ur not in the evoke set or home team....that is all 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: New deal: AMAZON GOLF-$10 OFF or Mag Sub 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Temperatures are now at or over 100 degrees in Fort Smith, Poteau, and Tahlequah. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Midnight showing or later in the day...decisions, decisions. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Is skype worth downloading? Or should I just stick to the TokBox account I never use? >_> 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Buying, selling, or partnering a business? All you need for success is here... 07/14/09 04:00am
  • da: @AdamRPhoto gods girks or punkgrl? 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: IF YOU CAN SING OR RAP OR MAKE BEATS COME AND CO HOST RIGHT NOW!!! (Broadcasting live at 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @ThaRealJHAZE me or whoever u get 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Maybe I should move to LA since half my peeps moved out there already or are in the process ... nah ... I gotta take over one coast 1st lol 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Is it the way the shadow depicts the strength of the tree? Or the the way the sunlight seems to surround the dark edges? 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: good night. at all! or have a nice day πŸ™‚ i'm go to bed now. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: @philartiste you must calculate properly or you will goto to jail don't not pass GO & collect $200. You know what I sayn. They want u 2 fail 07/14/09 04:00am
  • nl: @DonnieWahlberg or a dm even:) heehee 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: TV is gone... the only reason I still have cable now is for the interwebs. So, do I call and cancel tonight? Or wait? I still has laptop.. 07/14/09 04:00am
  • en: Are you really THAT stupid or THAT desperate to think you have a chance to spark something between you two?? I feel bad for you 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: If you try to play the shy prude chick that doesn't do or know anything at 25 yrs old 3 per year is too much @brookandthecity 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: beder get up out tha way 2morow rise and save the day we dont give a f**k wat u think or say we gona rock this whole place any way undead!!! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @oliviamunn So you mean a nice cropping or dusting of snow flurries would be nice? haha Maybe cooling. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: standing in line, waiting to get on thunder river. Theres these people in front of us who are talking like sweedish or something. its weird 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: "We have not spent the last 65 million or so years finely honing our physiology to watch Oprah." - Coach Rippetoe 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I'm not sure what's bothering me more: that a guy would yell from his car "Do you know where a tattoo shop is?" Or the one I sent him to. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: When I was wishing for gray weather earlier today, I didn't mean here, or now. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I am fighting with a VPN that's continuously dying on me. Very irritating. But twas a good shoot, or 2 in fact, today. Offloading clips now. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I have a hard time keeping up w/ ppl who aren't internet/social media savvy. IE if you don't tweet or get on IM, I don't talk to you much... 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @mk368 Hahaha. No, like a letter to the author. Not that he would read it...or care...yeah, I probably won't. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Can't wait for Alex Polizzi to visit a Blackpool hotel next week, or for Sam and me to visit Alex's Devon hotel next month πŸ˜€ 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @ahhhalyssa I have to deal with you! Is it bad? Like, are you accidentally breathing fire on people or something? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @Sugarlandmusic - isn't there a Live CD/DVD thing being released in August? Is that going to be from a concert this year or last? thanks! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Is in Ohio bored out of my mind...i need to find a dance studio or something!! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Its ultimately your decision on whether or not you want to remain apart of it. I can only support the outcome... 07/14/09 03:59am
  • : ~O 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Written another main-storyline Behatted script for the first time in... forever? (well, a month or so.) 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I need to read , what is the best fiction or book did you read ? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: hrd 2day that " #Bruno is comparable to gay porn" .. has he gone too far, is it just tasteless humr? or is this guy too smart 4 his own good 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @pussreboots If I prefer not to read graphic sex, is that any different than people not wanting to buy books w/ female protags or whatever? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @AJ9847 Heh, enough calamari for a dozen meals. Or one meal for dozens of people. Or one meal for the fifty foot woman. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Just bought a huge can of american spirit tobacco....lets see if that was a good idea? or a bad idea? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @DonnieWahlberg Okay. So who taught you the R & B voice? That's what I wanna know.. πŸ™‚ Or is that ALL YOU? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Need urgent anger mgmt lessons &/or stress balls. Else I'll end up pulling all remaining hair. Gotta love the joys of working on Windows #fb 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Whad up whad up! Checkin in on this hott azz day....lord have mercy! Lol lookin for a park to kool off or better a pool. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Shuster proud that NBC beat USA Today in softball. Did they use Contessa or Norah ala Jennifer Marlowe from WKRP? Did they have a Nessman? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @rtd13 we could swap for a week or two :p 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @Scotian_Potion she oughta know its a #lies if you sittin there at midnight or 1 am talkin about shrinkage from the pool "earlier today" 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @Reagan_Eggert He's probably doing 1 of the 2 things he always does: Studying 4 MCAT or watching TV 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @rainnwilson no it's smagina. n: small vagina... Or smelly... i forget? you choose! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: RT@meduelelachoya Need an Unix AIX Administrator, Peoplesoft SR and Websphere Datastage Sr. in Mexico. Mιxico City or Toluca based. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @lilobelle Filing - the devil's work. Or basically what I'll end up doing for eternity. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Some good advice. Do you have Vacation Plans? Don't tweet them, or become an easy burglary target. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: same for females lol. crazy. RT @MISSMONMON: #truth is most guys I meet I wish I wld have met they friend,brother,or cousin first! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Michael Jackson wee miiisss you. It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White <3333 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Have managed to get kitchen, 2 bathrooms, my bedroom and living room clean,and in time or there karate class!! yeah super grandma!! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Did you know Christmas can be the most important day to women in Japan? It's a popular day to ask someone out or even propose! ;D 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I honestly dont know what 2do with myself..Im not used to watchn what I want,or havn the apt be miss my pooh 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: If U feel the DMV is the shit then speak or forever hold ur peace. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Is dying slowly and uncomfortablely. Or maybe its just how hot it is... 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @sharlena Try it if you ever need to clean stiff brushes or paint trays - soak in hot water and Murphy's - magic 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: EEEK have just installed Perch CMS, so I can either have an early night (needed) or stay up late working (also needed)...hmmmmm 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Right hand just cramped up rather painfully. o.O Years of repetitive strain catching up? Or price of trying to wield that 24-70mm? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Out of work maybe some BF1943 tonight or maybe finally Finish persona 3 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @NiteRidaz @Koleya Yeah man... gotta be careful these days they will shoot to kill or getcha while ur sleepin... Cold World! 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @BrownSkinHoney5 What Is That ?.? A Security Pin Or Some Shit ?.? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: We added a "Stolen & For Sale" section of the ORC Report - if you have found your stolen property online or at a pawn shop DM me. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @sweeeeetness @jargon_by_jozie Well you ain't got love or money so you should've made it about them $$ LMAO 07/14/09 03:59am
  • pt: Mas antes de ir fica a dica pra quem adora rock jα que hoje ι o seu dia! U2 - "With Or Without You" 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Why is Oprah trying to make me cry 2day? I gotta go watch some BET or something 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: adores Dr. Pepper. How can it only be a Texas thing? Or is it? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @greghirson Totally. Or more fodder for my book. :-p 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Is it just me or is it boiling!! I'm sweating my nuts off lol 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: RT @PotLegalization Retweet this if you've been busted for having, smoking, or selling weed or Knows some one who has...thats everyone πŸ™‚ 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: I would love to launch this shoe . Will the bucket fix the crayon ? Or is it dull and teeny-tiny? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Or, you could read our writers blogs all at once at 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Starscream is the shit. If I was a Transformer, I think I'd want to be a Decepticon. Or maybe a Pretender. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @muchosalsa How is that different than traditional hosting or SaaS? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: Transit police at South Station may be doing bag checks. Add extra time to your commute if you have a bag or purse. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: says everyone and their mother is joining facebook--well not my mother--or your mother? hm, everyone and their sister is joining facebook. 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @alexlindsay Congratulations! Have you settled on a name or which version of iPhone you will be getting her? 07/14/09 03:59am
  • en: @Silentbx so were the celebs put on the same lottery ticket? or did they just get tickets?? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @JessiBrown might be someone you blocked, but didn't disappear from the count? sometimes there's a delay. Or, its a ghost. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: I feel like this car would move faster if the driver listened to something other than blues. Or maybe he should just start serving drinks. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @MJP13 y u gotta think gay for nigga damn son...he was showin us work outs that they use to make him do at the YMCA or some shit 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: no internet or cell until thursday---well the cell will be back on then not sure about internet--miss ya all *hugs* 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @ooe Or I could throw a dart at them like the people in that car commercial who travel around Canada. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Write letters to your Representative or Senator to express your views 07/07/09 02:46am
  • eo: @Alyssa_Milano Infamous ? or famous ? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @chinanolan98 we should discuss this via email. 140 charac is not enough. i think we could agree on that... fed papers or not! πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: People Worldwide are making money using this free system without selling or having to convince anyone! 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Fellow #OCON tweeters: Any recommendations for applications for blackberry (Bold) or computer (Linux, Firefox)? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @GMoneyMaleki & @mandayk Yeah let's do end of Sept or Oct!!! 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @s3xyn3rd @Pizzz whats wrong with you guys ?! one doesnt have cable and the other doesnt have a pvr and/or vcr *rolls eyse* 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @benfRank no worries, thanks for the help. Is the 615 worth paying attention to, or are there other design communities worth joining? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @mrmoan, @surfcanyon, Cheers! Believe it or not that 10k was followed by another 14k the next day! 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @Leavchip nothing bad with it "are we human or are we dancers?"...glad toi hear you're fine, i'm good, thanks XD 07/07/09 02:46am
  • nl: @GaySexNearby Anything in sweats or zippered hoodies? πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: RT @Jodyjo4 nslator: The Green Brief #18-19 is out: or Please Read and RT #iranelection #tehran #neda #gr88 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @Milva I just thought Spencer either would get fed up with Ryan depending on him, or he and Ryan would always be doing things together, lol. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: its going to be a bad night. prob keeping to myself. call me or im 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Hm... fear or greed today? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: debating between not running at all today, or just doing a short run. usually i take Monday's off.... 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: - credit crunch strikes. only not being exchanged or sold is my granny, and that's cause she's in hiding... 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Curious what you think: do you prefer high content or high entertainment style workshops? Tweet and let me know! 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Hey techies...If I deactivate Intense Debate, will the default WP comment system take over or do I have to upload it? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Iraq: 'Supreme' War Crime, or Simply 'Unnecessary'?: As Barack Obama and his pliant media pundits are "talking u.. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: heal the world,trihller,beat it, scream,billi jean,remeber the time,man in the mirrow,black or white tooodaas dee michael jackson_!!:( 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: (Haha... Damn straight) RT @queenofcomplex: @vicki_s Biscuits and/or rusks if you have any. Nothing like coffee & a rusk in the mornings πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: which would you prefer? my finger on the trigger or me face down across #moonfruit? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: C Programming Study In Interactive Multimedia Format: When you select any computer course or training it's e.. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: don't you just hate it when you had a carwash and it drizzle or rain the following day πŸ™ 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: or maybe i am just lazy 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @sallycrawford 'Occult' just means 'hidden' or 'unseen'. Once you begin to make a rational study of these things, they're not so odd at all. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Matthewjones23 Didn't make it this year. Last time we went was in 06 or 07 for Liz Phair. Did you go? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: Let's make a deal on these sites or domain names. 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: "Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." Carol Burnett Hope you are not counting on someone or something to do it 4 U. πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: no waiting at PAMF xray or lab! 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: is it just me or isn't "mostly sunny" the same as "partly cloudy"?? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @breakmyarms you never heard Lacuna Coil or Arch Enemy then huh? 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: @xencinas In your opinion would you say Harvest or Invoice machine? Have you heard good reviews on Invoice machine?' 07/07/09 02:46am
  • en: I can't believe the way CNN is covering world news these days, or not covering it. Faux News is doing a better job. #cnnfail #iranelection 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @VanityIsUnfair or elite modeling agency. open call every wednesday downtown. whats ur height 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @happytimeharry I wonder if Schafer owns the rights to all his game. But even with that being said where is my fucking X-Wing or Tie Fighter 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @poopymonster when can you work Friday? after 2pm or 4pm? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: RT: @extralife: Sheesh. If you are gonna just rip me off like this, at least take me to dinner or something. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @Lucyvonne11 No problem, just DM or email me the correct address/zip code combo and I'll send you a replacement batch! πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: These choppers need to stop or I'll never sleep! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: I can be a 'BISEXUAL' if i got angelina Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox .... Woo 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: it's either hot in here , or i'm working my butt off. either way i'm getting money πŸ˜‰ finally! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Call to the Senate Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121 or toll free at 888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641 to support S604 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @tiffanyhung @i312 #m4b Yeah, I think the UT database is sometimes over clustered or scattered as well. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @AndyGriffiths83 - Thanks for the feedback on the site. We really apperciate vistors letting us know what they like or dislike. πŸ™‚ 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Need extensive Javascript crash courses, or may be buying some books. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Interview tomorrow... Not sure whether I am completely terrified or overly excited 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @apogeum tour de france, or any bike race really. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @PeeKnuckle I r registered. Whats up with ATC? you guy accidentally burn it down or something? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @breakmyarms You have failed me. Or maybe it's the world that's failed you. πŸ™ 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Lightworkers, are you channeling your energy to where it belongs, or putting it where it does not serve your highest good? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: We reserve the right... is never a good answer or way to start off a conversation to a paying guest. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @scottyhendo Does he look like his old man or what? Carrying the umbrella in honor of Michael Jackson was nice touch. Classy kid. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • : 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: MMA Update: FRANKTRIGG: RT @mcuban: "You are not the customer of companies like Google or Facebook. You are the product. The advertiser ... 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Michael Jackson - Black or White ♫ #musicmonday 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: At lunch with dm . My stomach is loud , feed me or the evil side will come out ! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @beautiTemplates Video distribution site; I'll convert existing WordPress theme to Drupal or create a Drupal sub-theme: open to suggestions 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: afraid to go outside of it, because i don't want to be lectured or hear whatever bad news is coming 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: oh and of course @lyricsofasap or Ill just bomb planet twitter...twitter terrorism is now in full effect 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @kidhennessy sponsorship if possible or a big party my squad can put together 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: freaking obligations. I would prefer do nothing or something else. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: #musicmonday ANYTHING by @plofficial, @princetonmusic1 or @Big_Sean 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: okay @mrpeterparker you give good advice. Eagan, Burnsville, Brooklyn Park, or way out in Northfield? C'mon, show a preference. lol 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @iamshellz cool πŸ™‚ I wanted to study photography too. But I should think about that in like 3 or 4 years xD. Goodluck in your classes! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @YoungSapp21 hey babe!! i'm good how r u? you in DC for the summer or back in ny? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @LaurenSquawks Save as in "save the ARC" or "request the book for me"??? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: I'll second that - best I've ever seen! RT @foodgalnyc: @epicurious Portland, OR has an AMAZING farmer's mkt! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @pitstopmark ah but is it butter or simply a butter imitation? πŸ˜› margerine? *shudders* Anchor all the way =) 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @thatguyjr stories of women who have, um, snapped and killed their partners for some reason or another... 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Girls love me cuz I'm paid. They want me, Kobe, LeBron, or DWade!!! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @mrsminxington Yeah, Listen to the John, or me & im will gangs up on ya, & slice off a piece of ur rump to drink with a nice chianti & tha 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Debating if I should get my spine tattoo today or not.. Hm.. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: is going to work on some costume stuff for LAUGH...ladies, it's this thursday don't miss it or you'll be SO sad friday AM when I post pics! 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Blake from Tom's Shoes could do better than "Chief Shoe Giver." He should aim for "Shoe Messiah" or "Universal Potentate of 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: is everyone in a good mood or what? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @patwater Do you think Baldwin would bring his daughter out to campaign with him? or his brothers?? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: @brandiphotos what do u mean? Ultimately a naked body holds about meaning as a tree or something else natural. But we aint that innocent... 07/07/09 02:45am
  • de: Next episode will be on Deutsche Flugsicherung. Will be online in a week or so. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Anyone have a T Mobile or an AT&T unlocked phone that they would like to get rid of? 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: Kogorou Mouri is probably my least favorite any sort of fiction I've read or watched. 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: I can be a 'BISEXUAL' if i got a Angelina Jolie or Megan fox .... Woo 07/07/09 02:45am
  • en: I thinking about lullabies. Do babies really need such kind of music, or are they to clam down stressed mothers 07/07/09 02:45am
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