Woah, what a crazy couple of days lately. Ok, so yesterday, Jason Moore and I chat about Black Debbie, the ultimate in secrecy and garage band music. Then I go jam with Jason, Ann, Guy, and Tony for Beard Of Bees. Later on I hear that Zoë was hit by a car. I go hang out with her to make sure she’s ok. She has a big ass hipper bruise, and fucking grill marks from the car. Apparently she had the right of way, and some dumbass kid didn’t look both ways before plowing out into her and her bike. What the fuck. So, she’s so stressed and in a daze about getting to work on time, that she doesn’t get the guy’s info. She said she recognized him from the shows @ 111 and such, and he probably goes to Flag High. So, as the evening goes on, she starts to reveal that her head hurts, that she’s nauseous, her back hurts, etc… We then go get some food, to hopefully make her feel better, except she just gets worse. 🙁 She’s starting to get loopy and over-emotional and crying and laughing and making trumpet noises. I start to get really worried, so we call a friend to drive her to the hopsital and I go get her car fueled up and meet them there. She gets a shit-ton of x-rays, which come up with nothing, and they didn’t even care about any sort of concussion, which pisses me off because she was acting really weird and she didn’t even REMEMBER if she hit her head when she got hit. At least the nurse dude we were hanging with was an awesome guy. Anyways, enough bitching, I got to drive her car this morning instead of riding the bike. I also got to call her teachers and leave messages telling them that she would not be in class Today.

Whew… I spent too much money on food and gas, hopefully I’ll have enough for this awesome weekend with the Minibosses in Boston!!! 😀

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