Woah… I tend to say (or at least think) that alot when I write in this sporadic journal. It’s the only word I can think of when trying to remember all that’s happened since my last entry. Seriously I’m starting to forget things at a quicker rate as my life becomes exponentially busier.

Anyways, “Married” life has been hilarious to say the least. I think we fooled over 50 people with the fake wedding. Good thing noone spent any large ammount of money on presents, etc. We did have amazing sushi and lots of good drinks. It was the best Veteran’s Day I’ve ever had. ZoĆ« still wears her engagement ring to work to fend off the creepy old men who frequent her work. She awesome, for reals.

The venue is taking more time and money, primarily because I wanna finish up the stage and sound for the room. Hopefully we’ll be getting some more art in the place with Pete doing the bathroom area, and someday getting Jason Moore to do some art in the Office. Zing. I spent way too much money on PA gear, but in the long run, getting better gear will last longer and sound way better in the space. Plus we won’t have to worry about borrowing equipment from people in the future!

I still desperately need help with work at the venue because I don’t have a pipe bender, or ability to do electricity well, or ability to do plumbing well. I’m also super cautious now, since the dude I had build the speaker cabinets fucked em up more than once and didn’t do a great job overall.

Anyways, here’s to student loan payments, being broke, waiting for my job to post and on a positive note: bikes!

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