Whew. Coffee tastes so good, man. Yesterday I made the mistake of not drinking any. I had the hugest headache all day. I’m not sure if it was the lack of caffine or not, but that’s what I’m banking on. Thanks Macys, I’m officially addicted to caffine. JETOMI practice was awesome, but I was bummed that Corey didn’t make it. He’s been busy with shows and practice every day this week so it’s all good. I’m stoked for the show we have on the 20th in Phoenix. We need to play a big ass event that’s not set up by us.

Rachel gave up on the phone the other day, and she’s moving to take care of grantwriting for the FYP. Man, we could really use some of those donations listed on the website. Anyone want to answer phones? We gots mad crazy phone calls from tons of people wanting to reserve the space. Woah. Heh. Adrian did the front of the cabinets for the main speakers wrong, so it’s going to take even more time to finish ’em out. I think we may have some money to buy some amps, mics and mic stands for the venue. That would rule. But we also have to set aside money for wood to complete the stage, stage subwall, and sound pannels for the venue. I MUST remind myself to call Brady to talk about sound shit this weekend. He seems to have a pretty good grasp on how the room sound works. Yeah.

I am stoked to see Case and his lady when they get into town. It should be a hoot-n-hollerin time for all. He even got a room at the V for pre and post partying. Awesome.

It’s Friday. I’m so excited, I’m so excited… I’m scared!

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