What a last couple of weeks. I’ve been runnig around like crazy trying to get things done. I get things done and then more things come up. The only difference is that there’s alot more “things” getting done and alot more “things” to do.

My brother Russ is doing well in Afghanistan and is coming home to visit soon. I am hella stoked about that. He even sent me some pictures.

As always, there’s tons of shit coming my way courtesy of Studio 111. I FINALLY got my speakers back after a 6month debacle with a… hell, I don’t even want to go into it. I’m just glad I have them back and can put them to good use at the venue. Adrian is working on some speaker cabinets for the PA mains which should be done in a day or two. There was a fun free show on Sunday that Daniel from It Burns put on, but I had to leave early. I need to give hella props to Argent for taking over when I needed it. He is more than the man.

Flag Poetry Slam is coming to Studio 111 after a falling out with Long Days and I can say I’m totally stoked for it. My buddy Logan runs it with some awesome kids and we’re looking forward to more positive activities at the venue. How can I get more donations?

Anyways, I’m still addicted to Sushi, as me and ZoĆ« had an awesome evening out last friday, first going to a creepy Sushi place in Sedona, then getting a hankering for Dragon Rolls at Hiro’s and going there directly afterwards. Thumbs up for quality time together. Double thumbs up for quality time at different times of the day and night. Seriously.

Okay, time to finish up the work day, then meet with Rachel about booking @ 111, open the venue for the bands tonight, meet with Mihio about his website, and then meet with Bobby and Guy and see how Bobby’s dad is faring. Whew. It’s only Monday, maaan.

PS: I haven’t drank any soda for the past week now. Awesome. Hello coffee.

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