This weekend was fun. Even though I’m hella broke and bummin on ough, we went to LA so we could play with Phil and rock the fuck out with our boys, the Minibosses. The Smell totally sold out before 10pm. I stayed sweatty for hours. We flailed through 2 songs with IHYWYP. It was HELLA FUN. Pictures soon! The Smell’s main speakers were out so we played on the floor. Phil deserves so much more watts. Sparks were had by all. I shotgunned at least 2 of those fuckers. None of anyone I know in LA showed up or said Hi. I Hung out with Totally Radd, which were rad dudes, and possibly one or more people I’ve met before, and also hung out with the OG drummer from QOTSA who guest drummed in a previously retired Minibosses song, Wizards and Warriors.

Phil disappeared and went to the gay mexican bar around the corner. He considered finding someone who spoke english to ask where to buy coke. That is where Hesper made the declaration that: “YOU NEVER look to buy coke in LA at a gay mexican bar.”

Hesper also told me a story about how last time around the corner of the Smell, the freaking huge number of bums that live in the block long cardboard city were looting a store and had flipped a car over and lit it on fire.

Great weekend.

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