I told you that story, I’d be alright
Uh, huh
It ain’t no big thing

Whew, I so have been busy lately. F.Y.P is a huge rampant beast bearing it’s multiple heads in all directions. That’s the awesome part. Multiple heads. There are so many things still to do with the venue, everything from finishing the stage, to electrical, to lighting for stage and gallery, to finishing the office, to making sound boards and finishing the sound booth. Whew. That isn’t half of the to-do list that we made up last night. Then there’s the non-profit angle we still need to wrap up. Everyone has been pretty badass and supportive, including some people I didn’t expect, which rules over everything. More help from people sure wouldn’t hurt either!

Dave from Long Days kicked all the kids out of his place on Saturday at like 4pm… even Sean, one of the nicest kids that works there. Some dumbass threw a trash can through the front window later that night. that sucks, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re a dick to your customer base, even if it isn’t your intended customer base. He always bitches about the “little fucking maggots” that hang out at his place, and even asked me if I wanted to buy it. Quick, I need an investor. There’s even an apartment upstairs, which would rule to live in. I’m not sure if he was joking or not, but we could turn it into the most badass hangout / burger joint this side of Bayside High, Mr. Belding.

Anyways, when it rains, it pours in BLOG-land…

Mike SOOOO rules. Had lunch with Mike Karr and his boss yesterday. They were sizing me up for his position @ CCC. So they’re going to hire after me next week as a temp worker under Mike to train for the stuff I dunno (mostly video streaming and hardware use) so that I can put it on my resume when Mike takes off and I can score his job. Hello 36k + bennies! 😀 Of course, this process isn’t set in stone because the position is going to be an open hire position and Mike isn’t leaving for another month and a half.

But I know what I like
I know I like dancin’ with you
And I know what you like
I know you like dancin’ with me
Oh, yeah…

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