I am stoked. I did my first back bend in Yoga on wednesday. I didn’t know my body could accomplish that kinda stuff. I also had my last undergraduate class ever on Wednesday. I gave a speech on Shepard Faireyfor my final and it went over awesomely. The entire class was stoked to hear about a live artist that is doing something interesting. (Most of the class did their speeches about dead artists.) I finally got to use the bluetooth cellphone to control the power point presentation, hella tech, yo.

I am also not stoked. Shows are becoming more of a hassle as everyone is testy, and attendance seems to be dwindling. I want stuff to go well, but certain circumstances are making things more difficult. For example, a certain person has officially stolen my PA cabinets. I have one of 3 options. Call the police and file a report. Sent a posse to Lake Havasu to get them back Desperado style. Or do nothing. Looks like it’s going to be option one, dudes. I just hope this person understands he’s not just fucking with me, but a large number of people. He seems to be delusional and uses the word “respeccc.” Hell, I should have seen it coming when he can’t even spell respect correctly. I have been more than cool about the situation as I lent my personal property out for one night for a show in Flagstaff. Somehow he thinks that equates to not returing them the next day like he promised and taking off out of town, then borrowing them for over a month and a half, taking them to Lake Havasu, not returing my phone messages, and then telling me to “fuck off” when I demand them back. Hopefully what goes around comes around for this guy as he certainly deserves it.

Hopefully the JETOMI show goes well tonight. I wasn’t stoked to just find out about a party that a certain someone’s putting together around the block that’ll pretty much divert half the crowd away from the show. Way to go buddy. Yeah, I’ll show up tonight, after 1am. Durrr… Brant Bjork is awesome though.

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