This site looks pretty darn interesting… I should read more and see if we can get FYP involved: Involver04

People keep giving me shit about wanting to vote for Nader. Fuck that shit, I’m not voting for Kerry unless he answers to THIS PETITION

People who define themselves by an AREA CODE representation confuse me. Are they like part of a telephone company gang or something? Or is it that they want a hip clique to belong to that’s inclusive and exclusive all at the same time? Weiiiird.

I got supremely loaded last night and didn’t get home till 3am. I think I may have picked up my laptop and dropped it in a drunken stupor. I turned it on this morning and all was well. WHEW! Awesome Cool Dudes played at Mogollon for the 2nd time in 3 days of their Flagstaff portion of tour. They are indeed Awesome Cool Dudes and made Cocomo, the worst Beach Boys song ever sound like the best thing, second only to their Bob Seger cover. Aftewards, we partied upstairs at the “band” apartment and I vaguely remember having in depth conversations about BSS with awesome guy Alex from Listless, As If Functional… giving a note to the girl whose name I don’t remember on purpose that I’d remember her name when I wasn’t drunk… and then having beer can fights with Josh and everyone in the room. Was I out of line? I certainly hope so, cause it was hella fun. Luckily I don’t have any bruises on my forehead or whatever, but I do have a wicked cool hangover.

I’m looking forward to seeing Napoleon Dynamite with Rachel this weekend and walking Stella with Phil. Yay.

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