Holy cow… things are moving at light speed. I must… stop… drinking…. so… much… coffee! Doing 12312512 things. Show tonight w/ Ladies, Please. Yay. JETOMI practice tomorrow. Nonprofit paperwork with Johny this weekend. LAN party this weekend. Need to make 3 posters this weekend too. Someone (old college dorm buddy) said they were coming up this weekend too. Weird. Are there any parties going on this weekend? c-c-c-c’mon now…

Art100 class is fun, mostly because we get to do 3rd grade style collages. Sweet. I piped up about Dadaism today because it was the only thing I like talking about. That and unicorns. Noone commented on my DADA comments, which is what most of the class usually does about other people’s comments. I can’t figure out if I just say dumb stuff or if people just see me as menacing in that class. Yeah, I got a big ol’ head, wha’ ’bout it?

I wish there were more beginner Yoga classes in the evenings. Mainly because I’ll miss them every so often doing things like playing shows and such. I need a more stable Yoga schedule. Hopefully that’ll happen when I score a real job. Yeah, right. But it’s true, I freakin love Yoga, even though I get all sweaty like a greased pig on a roller rink. Too bad for the people next to me when we do group exercises!

I’m considering what to waste more money on… ATHF Season2 DVD, SeaLab 2021 DVD, Ein Plush Toy for Stella, or all three of the above… Wait, I need to get an AirPort Express… dayumn!

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