I Love my new Bike! 🙂 It’s light and fast and yummy! I’m gonna take some pictures. It’s an early? 90’s Ross with the nice black fenders and 18 speeds. I lvoe the fact that it doesn’t have shocks, I hate them, and it has the old Shimano Deore shifters and derailers, very comfortable to me (like an old shoe hahahaha,) and much like my old Stumpjumper. All these old jammer dudes have stopped me around town all like… “woah, a blast from the past brah… i haven’t seen one of those in ages,” and I’m all “thumbs up, yo, that’s how I rock it.” Just in time for “Bike to Work Week…” The funny thing is EVERY week is Bike To Work week. I dunno why anyone who lives and works downtown even has a car, let alone use it. Anyways, I’d like to get some bomber lights for the new bike because I cruise around way faster on the new bike and don’t wanna get crushed by cars.

Getting a second bike also gives me the time to fix my Schwinn Speedster right, instead of hack jobs to keep it up and running. I need to respoke the rear wheel on the Schwinn, since it eats spokes when I’m riding with the smaller tires. I also need to get the bigger tires, as to prevent the spokes getting messed up. The headlight also needs some repairs. The front fender also needs to be JB Welded… Whew… you can tell I love that bike too. It’s such a fun 3speed.

I got loaded on Tuesday, at practice, Blume and later at Jeremy’s place. I should stop doing that much drinking, I dunno if I’m creepy old guy when I drink too much, plus I need to get into better shape. Jetomi has too much crazy shit going on at once, and I love it. I was bummed we didn’t get an article in the Live, but it’s all good since we’re doing the Japanter show in late July… maybe make it a CD Release show and try to get the cover? I dunno yet. It’s cool to see people I don’t know into the band. The dude from the Orpheum had talked to Gabe about us playing there, which would be hot. The dude from the Flag Live who does most of the music reviews is also interested in hyping us as well. We also got calls from good ol’ Joker, friends of the Casebeers and SCSW to play Southwest Fest in Colorado this summer July 17th?. If we can swing it, we will… and Malé is looking at flying into Denver that day since he’ll be in Mexico till that day. Jetomi is so international. We should tour Spain. Hot.

I am still trying to figure out how to do the F.Y.P project and make it work. Noone else seems to be moving on it, so I’ll have to figure out how to get things rolling. We’re looking at dedicating show profits to the fund, as well as Punk Rock Bingo nights. I don’t have a full time job yet, so I’m worried about where funds would come from if we start to flail once renting the venue out on a monthly basis.

PS: Need to get those Japanther stickers done SOON!!!

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