Well, first job applied for didn’t even give me an interview. Just some crap letter about how they already found someone for the position. Fuck the school of Comm and their blatantly crap ass hiring matrix. Time to apply for some peoplesoft jobs. Jeezzzz… I wish there were some ITS jobs available. Who wants to pay me like 35-40k plus ‘bennies’?

Summertime is more fun with my dog. We go on walks and play with each other, it’s awesome. It’s become more obvious how my life was centered around me going out and seeking friendship with others. I like not going out all the time, since I just get bummed out for one reason or another. Instead I take a walk with Stella and go to the Casebeers for JETOMI practice.

Maybe something is wrong with me, since work is “funner” now that school is out. I like the stuff I do at work, I just wish I could easily score a ‘real’ job doing it.

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