Woah, in the cheesy way, I cannot wait till graduation. Friday 3pm at the Skydome. My Mom and Mikey are coming up from Sierra Vista, and my Dad, Grandparents and Uncle Andy are flying out from NJ. It will be sweet. I haven’t seen any east coast relatives since we moved to AZ. Andy was the cool uncle that gave me my first taste of Anthrax and my first skateboard. I hear he’s doing computer stuff nowadays. We’ll have to nerd out!

I am getting busier by the day. We had a work meeting on Friday, and everyone who was taking off (like 70% of the student workers) was telling everyone else what they were doing / plans, etc. I had like 3 times as much stuff to do over the summer than anyone else. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing… it’s probably good.

Saturday was awesome. Jetomi played the May Day / Earth Day fest in Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff. The show was hilarious, but we played like 2 hours later than scheduled and only had time for 1/2 of our set. It wouldn’t have been that bad except for the fact that we hauled down so much equipment, like easily 1 ton’s worth in weight. Damn. Lifting and moving all of the equipment combined with my hands being sore from sculpture class made my hand cramp up and I played like crap. There were fire spinners and fire breathers doing their thing during the set, which more than made up for all the negative points of the night. Some of my friends that came left because of the delay, but my bosses from work came out and stayed, which was totally awesome. Reports were that you could hear us easily from a mile away.

Sunday was my much needed antisocial day, I had 99ยข Chili Cheese Dogs with the Casebeers and Keri, unloaded gear, and then watched movies all by myself for the rest of the evening. It was nice. I should kick the antisocial thing, but I’m not sure how.

I need to put in another application for this NAU job I just got word of. It’s BLING, but boring sounding.

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