This week has been more like spring break than spring break itself. For some reason I’ve been boozing it up every night of the week, and I’ve also been more productive lately. Go figure. This weekend should contain alot of the same.

I find myself unable to communicate with certain people in the correct manner. I think it’s some sort of social anxiety, whatevs, I don’t need to shrink for that shit. I should figure out how to take care of it though. For example:
-Someone who had meant alot to me in the past doesn’t like to talk to me anymore, even turns their back on me after politely saying hello.
-Another person is one whose art I admire, but am very awkward when speaking with them, and I end up just saying things that don’t make sense outside of my little in-joke world when they talk to me.
-Another is someoneone who wants to have a relationship on a different level than I do, but can’t communicate in a way that would result in a civil outcome.

Then again, I guess you can’t win ’em all, right?

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