Flagstaff Youth Project (or F.Y.P for you acronym lovers…) has been set as the name for the all ages venue / community project. That’s one of the many reasons I haven’t been posting to my blog lately. I have been super busy and super productive as of late. It’s a good thing that I want to keep on going on for at least another year or so… the high productivity, that is. I’m writing a new resume and filling out application for School of Comm Support Systems Analyst position… hopefully I can snake it for the summer. That would mean my last summer class would cost like $50 instead of $600. Someone help me write grants for the F.Y.P and I’ll do whatever you want me to! I’ve spent like over 10 hours in the sculpture lab in the past 3 days. It rules, but I don’t get to play with my dog. Poor Stella Marie! She’ll get love this weekend though! 🙂 My brain is scattered and it rules right now. It’s probably a good thing I’m already single, or else I’d be single really quick. The iPod is saving my ass right now with it’s tunes and drive space for transfering files. ok, enough now, I must work or something… (read as: finish up my resume and get it proofread!)

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