I’ve been listening to alot of the Waitresses and early Beach Boys (20/20, etc…) and they are simply ruling. This weekend was a blast, and JETOMI rocked out great for a first show. The lights were exceptionally badass. Stu-Jo visited me this weekend, which was awesome… I haven’t seen that fucker in ages.

I have tendencies to want to do a solo project, but know that there’s already too much stuff going on in my life at the moment.

Talked to my Dad via AIM on his new Blackberry device, which is probably really cool. I hope to make a trip out east once I graduate to visit family and friends all over the east coast. Yippie.

The season opener for the Sopranos was great, but not as spectacular as expected. I’m thinking that VH1 Classics was a much better reason for getting Digital Cable.

I need to study, looks like my CS499 Midterm might be somewhat of a challenge.

Ooh, also just got in the new April issue of Thrasher with the SCSW interview in it. Awesome. Now only if that would have happened BEFORE we all went to different states!

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