Things are wonderfully busy this time of the year. The Community Center thing is picking up speed, as we are boling down ideas into a badass stew of a goal. 111 might be the venue we use, but we’ll see how it goes. I want to keep everything happening there as it’s an awesome place, but I fear backlash from people that are too comfortable with the venue as it is currently. Overall, I think things will go well.

I would like to become a better conversationalist, as I hang out with people, but don’t have much to say other than the usual crap. Does it mean I’m not an interesting person, or that I find the things I normally talk about have become way too mundane for me? I would like to consult someone on this, but am very self concious about it.

I “should” graduate/walk in May… although I have to take one class over the summer. Hopefully I can score a job at NAU as well. My goal is to stay in this town, but I can’t survive on a burger-job, especially with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

I have decided that girls need to be more forward with me. I have too much shit to do in my life, let alone be creative and witty with some ladies who don’t give a fuck. This trend of thought will continue until I decide otherwise.

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