I fell in love with my iPod just now. Unicorns are amazing to me, courtesy of Ian. The Nuggets box sets are also equally as amazing courtesy of Tony. I am spending the afternoon at work wandering around to different labs just listening to music and doing the minimal amount of work possible.

The last 2 days, the visiting of Ian and Reilly of Japanther coincided with both my 2 “sick days from work and school,” the 2 “snow days” at school and work, and my 2 days of getting “completely fucking stoned out of my mind.” What great timing. Ian told me tales of the wondrous fabled land of Australia, beaches, summertime in the middle of winter, babes, good shows, label reps, hipster bands showing up at their shows, and more babes. This sounds like a good place indeed. We both agreed that we should all tour in Japan though. The 80’s butrock influence is just to great to resist or pass up.

I have been wondering, how does one get to be “all about Ray,” more specifically, how does Ray get someone in particular to be that way. Yes, I am horrible! Just watch me dance and talk to myself in third person. Congratulations, you just read the “Ray is horny and sexually frustrated section of his journal!”

All good karma aside, the dude that fucked me on the guitar is going full swing as he’s cancelled both his ebay account AND his email address. I’m considering flying out to his address and kicking his ass. I am so fucked on the cost of my guitar now. I have a $1300 piece of shit that I have to put in at least another $200 to get the headstock repaired. Hopefully Corey will buy one of my 8×10’s and all will be better.

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