Fun weekend. I had a blast every day this past week. I really like my classes. I got plaster all over my clothes on Thursday, but it didn’t matter, I was having a great time in Sculpture class. Also, Phil rules it for no reason in particular.

I got loaded on Friday and stayed up way too late and met some rad kids that dumpster beers. We talked for hours about doing shows, bands, touring… I think it was the overabundance of whiskey and coke. I should hang with those kids some more. I talked to Josh on the phone for a ling time that night too. It ruled. I miss that guy. JOOOOOOOOSHHH!

Saturday I went to Rey’s going away party. I think that was going away party #5 this week. Totally awesome. Noone went to 80’s night cause it cost $ when everyone thought it was free. I have a slight crush on a girl that was at the party, but all she ever does it complain about stuff when I talk to her. Haha, bummer for her! The party was a blast, but then it got outa hand when a gazillion people came over when the bars got out. A breaker blew and all the power went out with a shitload of drunks dancing in an overcrowded house. It was hilarious when kids all started pulling out their cell phones for light. Yes, I was one of them.

Sunday was chill. Logan and I geeked out on web stuff. It was hella fun. It’s rare that people outside of school / work are into similar things as I am. Wheee.

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