The weekend was a blast. Seriously. Old friends in town and good ol partyin are a definite plus. Japanther rocked it awesoem style at the show on Friday, as did the Ponies and Missouri Loves Company. Ladies, Please sounded weird in the big room through the PA. Way too much room reverb. All was good as we proceded to party long through the night in drunken fashion. Japanther decided to stay another day in town and record at Greg’s studio, which was an awesome time all around. They wrapped up with 3 completed songs and payment was in the future hype of JETOMI. Fucking a hot.

Quote of the wekend: “…got to realize that you ain’t representin’. “
-Johny Casebeer (talking of people that are on the recieving end of a Casebeer beatdown.)

Got a random email from Georgia up in Lyndon that now lives in B-ham after the Marines. She’s movin to Flagstaff and hangin out for a couple weeks here real soon. Totally random. Totally awesome. Totally hottt.

I should figure out some good x-mas gifts for friends before it’s too late, eh? Yeah.

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